Know-how and experiences from the presented EAS are derived from InnovAfrica project activities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and South Africa.

Extension and Advisory Services (EAS) in agriculture aim to increase uptake and adaptation of Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (SAI) techniques.

The Knowledge Platform highlights:

  • Integrated Farm Plan (PIP) – developed in Uganda and has been successfully tested by InnovAfrica in Ethiopia, Rwanda and South Africa.
  • Village Knowledge Centres (VKCs) – developed in India and have been successfully tested by InnovAfrica in Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Farmer 2 Farmer (F2F) – this extension advisory service has proven to be successful in various settings and has been tested by InnovAfrica in Malawi.

The selected extension services’ objective is to help farmers and extension officers in developing their own technical, organisational, and management skills, which work towards improved livelihoods and quality of life.