ICT-based Data Management

Why actors along the agricultural value chain should embrace ICT and innovative data management

Can ICT only collect data?

ICT in this project is mostly used for the gathering and central processing of data. The goal is to identify knowledge which can be distributed independently of computers or mobile phones. But ICT can do much more for farmers and other members of the value chain if it is being used to collect data at the different production stages. From traceability to profitability calculation to facilitation of loans there is a wide range of possbile benefits once ICT is used as you will see below...

Use of ICT: from product to quality to better prices and good governance - information adds value!

Information about production processes is not only important for farmers in order to improve the success and profitability of their farming activities. It is also worthwhile for organizations buying and consuming the products or government organizations seeking to monitor progress in the agricultural sector. The more the collected information can verify the quality of agricultural products, the better the prices paid will be. Higher transparency and better information will also increase the likelihood that others will offer services to farming households such as inputs or credit.

Benefits can be: yield and profit calculation, benchmarks, traceability as well as access to markets, tailored extension and financial services.

Some of the biggest benefits that farming households may gain through data collection on their farm are:

  • Understand how much yield and profit different crops produce
  • Farm-specific knowledge, benchmarks and recommendations:
    • How much do farmers from other communities produce?
    • At which prices do they sell?
    • Which (inter)cropping model is performing best in a particular region?
  • Communicate production details to buyers and final customers to gain higher prices
  • Get better access to market, inputs, and more tailored extension and financial services