The techniques highlighted on this platform have been tested in the course of the InnovAfrica project based on local know-how and experiences from the InnovAfrica project in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and South Africa.

Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (SAI) techniques aim to increase yields and efficiency by promoting the adequate use of available inputs (such as seeds, water, fertilizers, pesticides) and agronomic techniques that are better suited to the needs of small-scale farmers and reduce the negative environmental effects of food production.

The Knowledge Platform highlights maize / sorghum / cereal and legumes for inter-cropping or crop rotation and presents Brachiaria forage grasses as two strategies of SAI for small-scale farmers.

The selected techniques are easily implementable, profitable, low risk, sustainable and make significant contributions to higher productivity and income, especially if small-scale farmers are effectively linked to the value chain.

Different extension models can be used to promote SAI in small-scale farming communities.