Activities & Results

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You will be able to get access to our results by browsing this Knowledge Portal and reading the material published in the Download section. Information is grouped into the aspects Technolgy, Extension and Value Chain, which you can access through the main page or the menu on top of the page. They are covering the following activities:

  • Introduce proven agricultural technologies
  • Promote adoption of technologies through innovative extension and information dissemination approaches
  • Incorporate institutions and policy change to support the adoption of sustainable agriculture intensification systems
  • Scale up the most suitable technologies

Data insights are more specific subjects related to the data captured during technology evaluation and base-/ endlining of the households as well as their analysis. You will find different charts having been established by different analysis systems, both with example and with real-world data.

In the gallery you will, as expected, find nice pictures from the different project regions and the team as a whole. Please observe that these pictures have been agreed upon to be published on this website. They should not be re-used without prior permission in different contexts.


ICT has been used throughout the project. Looking at the insights coming from our activities you see data which have been collected, transformed and interpreted. There is no need to understand the ICT background if you are only interested in the knowledge generated. But if, on the other hand, you want to know more about the information technology behind the project, here are the places which could be of interest to you: