Our innovations

Changing the future

The first area covers the agricultural innovations per se, i.e. different production systems and their evaluation with the help of ICT.

  • Cereal-legume cropping systems
    hese systems make use of intercropping between cereals and legumes. During the project different associations have been tried in the field to find out the best mix for the local farmer
  • Brachiaria forage-livestock system
    rachiaria is used as fodder for cattle, mainly with respect to milk production. Different varieties have been evaluated.
  • ICT
    ata for base and endlining as well as technology evaluation has been captured via configuration of a system allowing for digital data capture on mobile devices.

This is all about making infomation and knowledge flow and get research as well as "spreading of the word" down to the farmers. 

Value Chain
The third area of activities covers all subjects related to the value chain as a whole and the actors being part of it. From seed delivery to multi-actor platforms down to market information the different aspects have been covered.

As an overarching element, policy considerations have also been part of the project and are presented in the resulting documents.