What we do

Working for you

The main objective of InnovAfrica was to improve food and nutrition security by
  • integrating sustainable agriculture intensification systems (SAI),
  • innovative institutional approaches with novel extension and advisory services
  • and enhancing smallholder adaptive capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa.

InnovAfrica has hence been testing, integrating, and disseminating

  • SAI systems suitable to smallholders to improve production and resilience,
  • institutional approaches e.g. multi-actor platforms (MAPs) to communicate and integrate needs,
  • seed delivery systems to facilitate access to seed,
  • innovative extension and advisory services like Village Knowledge Centers,
  • data capturing through mobile devices to improve data quality and
  • the use of digital approaches like Knowledge Portals to facilitate access to information

In this Knowledge Portal you will find information which may help you to adopt those innovations for your own use.